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Research Projects

FGH continuously works on research projects with technical and economical topics of power engineering arising out of current practical questions. The direct integration of network operators and manufacturing industry in the project planning and execution ensures the practical relevance of these projects, their direct usefulness for our members and a fast transfer of the results. The research topics are initiated and accompanied by our research advisory board that consists of competent experts of our member companies.

For the project financing FGH applies for support mainly by public institutions, e.g. the European Commission, the German research association (DFG) and the working group of industrial research associations "Otto von Guericke" (AiF), in which FGH as a non-profit research association exclusively represents the field of activity of its members.

The results of the research projects are particularly valuable for our members since they initiate, contribute to and accompany the projects intensively. With broad financing they can use the competence of FGH in order to receive practical solutions for their fundamental and urgent questions.
















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